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Stump grinding

If you’ve ever spent hours trying to dig out an old, unattractive tree stump from your garden, you’ll know that it’s a strenuous task.

As well as being ugly, stumps are often large and difficult to shift. These eyesores are not only difficult to remove, but they are the perfect breeding grounds for unwanted pests like termites, ants, beetles, and fungi.

But there’s good news for all gardeners, landscapers and builders. JNL Tree Services can remove tree stumps quickly and easily so your garden stays healthy and beautiful.

Our experts work hard so you don’t have to

Stump grinding is a job best done by experts. Our specialised machinery quickly grinds out the roots in your tree stumps, leaving behind nothing but a pile of fine mulch and a new spot for you to plant or reseed.

Our stump grinder is narrow and able to access most places in yards and gardens, even awkward ones tucked away near pools or tricky corners. The grinder chips away at the stump so that our team can remove it below ground level.

Benefits for your garden

Stump grinding doesn’t just leave your garden looking better. It can make it healthier too.

Excess mulch left over from the stump grinding process is organic, so it’s terrific to use on your garden or in your compost. Worms enjoy feasting on it, and it eventually breaks down to benefit your soil and help keep the moisture in the ground.

If you’re keen to improve the way your garden looks, without spending hours and effort trying to remove stumps yourself, here are some great reasons to give us a call.

  • You’ll have extra space in your garden that you can put to better use
  • You can forget about the risk of termites or other pests
  • You’ll be able to replace the unsightly stumps with flowers, trees or garden features
  • You won’t need to worry about fungal rot, ant infestation and root disease in the stump
  • No more trip hazards from protruding stumps

Get in touch

With extensive experience in stump grinding, we are the local experts. Get in touch for a free, no obligation onsite quote to find out how we can solve your garden problems.